If you have any questions about the Unitech Dining Hall Project, please email them to info@unitechpng.com with the subject line 'Q&A'.  Pursuant to the EOI Conditions, inquiries from Participants will be responded to by email and the identical information will be provided via this page to all Participants. The identity of Participants will not be disclosed. 

Q1. Should the figures in EOI submissions be in Australian Dollar or Kina?

A1. The figures in the EOI submissions should be in Kina.


Q2.  Has the University sourced funding for the project already? Who is the funding agency?

A2.  The Unitech Dining Hall is a PIP Project funded by the PNG Government. Currently, K11million has been granted for the project. DNPM (National Planning Dept) has advised that another K5million is earmarked for the Dining Hall in the 2018 PIP budget.


Q3.  Have there been any addenda issued so far?

A3. The four documents currently available by registering on the registration page are the;

  • Request for Expressions of Interest (EOI),
  • Reference Design and Intent,
  • Unitech Supply and Tenders Manual for Works, Goods and Services, and
  •  Returnable Schedules.

No other documents have been issued at this stage. 


Q4Since the design provided in the EOI is just a concept, many items and scope of work are not yet defined. This means the Provisional Sum will be higher. As we go through the design development and into the documentation stage, more items and the scope of work will be defined, thus bringing the Provisional Sum amount down. Is it possible for us to increase Provisional Sum amount or just restricted and allow for the Entry Foyer Ceiling only?

A4. The tender submission should follow the provisional sums identified in the EOI Document, to allow a consistent review between the tender submissions. If you would like to submit a non-conforming tender, this should be done as a secondary option.


Q5. Are there are any constraints in participating multiple EoI submissions, as subcontractors to builders?

A5. Subcontractors may participate with multiple builders.


Q6. Has there been a geotechnical survey done for the site?

A6. No survey has been done to date. The cost of the geotechnical Survey is to be included in the contractors bid.


Q7. Appendix 6.1 (Conditions of Contract) is missing in the EOI package. Can you please provide it?

A7. The proposed contract will be Australian Standards AS4902 – 2000 General Conditions of Contract for Design & Construct. The schedules are currently being reviewed and we hope to issue the contract in the coming days.


Q8. Can you please upload the meeting minutes of the project briefing held on the 22nd June onto the project website?

A8. The presentation at the project briefing has now been uploaded to the website


Q9. Can you please provide 3D elevations, 3D Perspective views and CAD copies of the Dining Hall for pricing purposes?

A9. CAD drawings will not be issued at this stage. We will look into issuing additional perspective views (below). 

Q10. It appears full kitchen fitout is required as part of the construction cost including purchase of all fixed/wired kitchen equipment. Is this correct? 

A10. Yes, the kitchen equipment is specified in the Request for EOI document.


Q11.  Is loose Furniture to be included in the construction cost? 

A11. Yes, please add this as a Provisional Sum.


Q12. What is the expected finishes to walls, ceilings and floors generally?

 A12. Refer to drawing A-4 - Indicative Materials.


Q13. No mention of a generator – is it assumed 1 is required? 

A13. Yes allow for a generator, size and number to suit project.


Q14. Is landscaping of courtyard and environs to be included in construction cost?

A14. Yes, please add this as a Provisional Sum.


Q15. In the Returnable Schedules, according to Item 10 Contractor's Team Fee Breakdown, and item 11 Contractor's Trade Breakdown, the contractor is required to submit the above fee breakdowns. However, at this stage of concept design, we find it difficult to provide exact breakdowns. Do we have to submit an exact breakdown or just a estimated one? What is the use of the breakdowns provided at this stage?

A15. The fee is to provide a lump sum fee for the design and construction of the Dining Hall based on the reference design supplied. The fee’s should not be an estimate, as the successful tender will enter into a contract to design and construct the project based on the reference design


Q16. To what extent is the provided floor plan “fixed”, as an example the specified HOT FOOD equipment does not fit in that designated area?

A16. The Reference Design provides the design intent for the tenders to understand what quality of building is to be achieved. If during the concept or design development stages technical items require the design to be amended this will be considered as part of the design review process of the project.  


Q17. The specified equipment requires 4 x refrigerated containers (2 x Chiller and 2 x Freezer). Would the construction of permanent modular coolroom and freezer facilities in lieu of containers be acceptable?

A17. Yes, this can be considered during the concept and design development stages.   


Q18. The designated mezzanine level entirely covers the HOT FOOD room, Can the mezzanine area be altered and or relocated from the indicated position such that required exhaust and make-up air systems for the HOT FOOD room are not ducted through the intended mezzanine?

A18. The position and/or size of the mezzanine and the food preparation areas is indicative only. We anticipate during the concept and design development stages elements will need to be amended to best suit the services co ordination and construction . The intension of having the mezzanine in this general location is to provide a view down to the main hall and the dramatic space below. 


Q19. In the Returnable Schedules, the currency unit for Item 10 Contractor's Team Fee Breakdown and Item 11 Contractor's Trade Breakdown is $, which seems to be Australian Dollar. Therefore, we hereby write to confirm it with you, or can we quote in PNG Kina?

A19. All $ symbols in the EOI documents should be treated as PNG Kina.


Q20. ISO 9001 accredited Quality management system that appears to be a mandatory requirement listed at 3.1.5 in the Conditions of application.

A20. As noted in the Returnable Schedules page B5 if your company does not have a ISO 9001 or equivalent system in place you can submit a copy of your own quality management system.


Q21. Can we email our tender submission or set up drop box for you to get our tender. If the submission is emailed through, do hard copies also have to be provided?

A21. As per clause 4.2 in the EOI document you must submit both electronically and in hardcopy format.  The correct email to send electronic copies to is info@unitechpng.com 


Q22. Please mark the following on the floor plan:

1.       Light Timber Framing

2.       Light Steel Framing

3.       Partitions

4.       Brick & Blockwall

A22. Please download the updated plan by clicking on the button below.

Q23. Do you have any updates on the tenders for your University Dining Hall Project?

A23. The Dining Hall tender submissions are currently being assessed. Tenderers will be contacted once this process is complete. 


PROJECT UPDATE 15th December 2017: The University’s recommendation will go to the Central Supply and Tenders Board, subsequently tenderers will be notified.