A message from the Vice-Chancellor...

After seeing the successful development of the University of Western Sydney campus by Atlas Urban, we started the development of the Papua New Guinea University of Technology Master plan with them in June 2014. What you see here before you today is therefore the result of almost 2 years planning and consultation, and has been fully endorsed by the University Council in November 2015.

Our campus is the most promising land for development in the expansion zone of the city of Lae. The development of the 220 Ha campus offers tremendous opportunities for investors in office, retail space, as well as residential development. When these projects will start, they will change forever the face of the campus, and of the garden city of Lae.

The University of Technology is firmly committed to this plan, which in its execution will be lead by our Chancellor Sir. Nagoa Bogan. For the University it means a physical expression of the linkages between the town and the business community on the one hand, and the university on the other hand. A conference centre, a technology hub for research and development, a business incubator and a research and development centre have been planned. Several areas are open for low-cost and higher costs residential development.

We are confident we have set up the processes and the decision making procedures that will result in a successful development of our campus.

In our 51st year of existence as a university we are proud to present this plan to the public.



Dr. Albert Schram

Vice-Chancellor / CEO

Papua New Guinea University of Technology (UNITECH)